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We will help you at each stage of the self-publishing process from proofreading to typesetting to promotion. So you can imprint and impress.

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Publishing in Newcastle, Australia. Here at Impressum we guide you through the world of self-publishing so that you can imprint and impress! We help you at each stage of the publishing process from proofreading to typesetting to promotion. We are a herd of word-nerds who will nurture your book-baby and then release it into the wild.

Impressum is the brand-new indie imprint from Brugel Creative. We created Impressum because, as a chapter of writers, authors, poets, illustrators, editors and publishers ourselves, we wanted to help authors have the best chance at self-publishing their book.

With over a decade of experience in the industry, we at Impressum recognise that your book – whether you’re an academic author, a fabricator of fiction, or a food blogger with a hunger to serve up something more – might not fit the strictures of traditional publishing, but you want more than being left struggling to self-publish on your own.  If you want a publisher who will guide you through your book’s life cycle from conception to consumption, and who will allow you as the author to manage all the rights and proceeds of your book, then read on! Write on! Right on!

Impressum will help you with all stages of the publishing process, and you can choose which parts  editing and proofreading, cover design and typesetting, printing, distribution, and marketing, or your very own author website. The best thing is that we tailor your publishing package to you. Just submit your manuscript and tell us what you need. 

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It has been such a pleasure to work with the wonderful team at Impressum in preparing my latest novel for publication. At all times, they have liaised with me in a warm yet professional manner and have replied promptly and courteously whenever I have had further questions. I am very happy to commend them to anyone seeking their services for book layout and cover design.

Impressum redesigned the interior of my journal to give it a fresh, attractive and professional image.  On an ongoing basis, they continue to meet my typesetting needs to keep this high standard, often going above and beyond as we work together to meet deadlines.

Megan Powell du Toit

Publishing Manager

Pardon the pun, but I was very impressed by Impressum. They helped me publish my most recent book Golden Girl. Despite it being a highly inauspicious time to be bringing out a new book, due to chronic ill health, family issues, Covid-19 and lockdown, I was surprised that we actually met our goals. The goal posts shifted and my tech skills are limited, so I was delighted that  I was not further stressed out by the process of publication. It all went slowly but surely and one step after another the book was launched with minimum inconvenience, yet is being well received. The lovely people at Impressum displayed patience with my limitations, professionalism and a very personal touch. This all translated into a beautiful well set out book, with a perfect cover design and one very happy author. I highly recommend them.

Heather Anne Bloom

author of Golden Girl

Our Services

White-label publishing

We help your education institution or business manage a publishing arm under a white-label agreement. We’ve got you covered from editing through to global distribution for print and electronic formats. Find out more.

Self publishing

Publishing in Newcastle, Australia. At Impressum we’ve curated package deals – Starter, Value and Premium Packages – to cover all your needs or you can pick and choose from our list of services. And with Print on Demand you get ten books or ten thousand. It’s entirely up to you. Find out more.


We can trim those superfluous adjectives and adverbs to make your prose clearer; rearrange sections to highlight your salient points; help you to carefully choose your jargon and quotations; and make sure your grammar, spelling and punctuation are correct. Find out more.

Book design

Never judge a book by its cover… except everyone does. Make sure your paperback or eBook cover design stands out form the crowd and visually represents your writing. And it’s not just the outside of your book that needs designing, we’ll help you with your typesetting, too. Find out more.


One of the best ways to get your book-baby making its way in the world is through your own website. Our sister business Brugel Creative has been developing author sites for 3 years now. Take a look at Wendy James’ website to see how it’s done. Find out more.

Book promotion

Take advantage of our years of experience in sales and promotions and get us to help you promote your book. We’ll register your ISBN, write a killer press kit, and devise the best marketing strategy for your book. Find out more.

Book Distribution

With online distribution your book can be bought from almost anywhere in the world. If you’ve ever bought a book from an online platform, then you know exactly how our sales system works. Find out more.


We can create eBooks for electronic download. We can either design these as PDF downloads for your website to help you grow your marketing list, or make your work e-reader friendly. Ask us about this service. Find out more.