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Welcome to our freebies page! At Impressum, we believe that every author deserves the support and resources they need to succeed. That’s why we’ve created a range of free resources to help you on your self-publishing journey. From tips and tricks to helpful templates and tools, our freebies are designed to make your life easier and give you a head start as you embark on your publishing journey. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced author, we’ve got something for everyone. So don’t wait, start exploring and make the most of these free resources today!

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Author Ideas for Social Media

20 Ideas for Social Media

Download this free list of 20 ideas to promote your book on social media!

Book Editing 101

Download this free checklist of questions to ask when editing your own book

Open Books

A5 Book Template

Download this free InDesign artwork template to design your A5 book.

Book Proposal

Download our book submission form if you’d like to discuss self-publishing your book with Impressum.