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Book Submissions

So the time has finally come. After the late nights, early mornings, intensive retreats and copious amounts of wine/tea/coffee/all of the above, you’ve laid down your pen (or hit ‘Save’ for the last time), and you’re ready to send your book baby out into the world. Whether you’re a Fledgling Fiction Writer or a Wizened Wordsmith, we love hearing from anyone who wants to publish their piece. Here’s some examples of the types of manuscripts we are looking for:

Impressum does not publish works of a defamatory, pornographic, or prejudicial nature (no sexist, racist, or homophobic material of any kind).

Impressum is a self-publishing service, which means we’ll publish your book at an agreed cost, and you as the author keep all the rights. For more about what we do, see our Services. We do all the hard work so you can make an Impressum, stress-free! Write on!

  • Biography
  • Business and management
  • Children’s illustrated
  • Contemporary fiction
  • Crime fiction
  • Educational textbooks
  • Fantasy fiction
  • Historical fiction and non-fiction
  • Memoir
  • Parenting
  • Pictorial
  • Poetry
  • Romance fiction
  • Self-help
  • Short story collections
  • Science fiction
  • Young Adult fiction and non-fiction

How to Submit

Submissions are open! When you submit, please send us:

Author biography and platform.

Tell us about you! Is this your first book? What’s your day job? Have you had any experience with publishing before? How will you support your book in the marketplace? Do you have a website, blog, business, or use social media?


Tell us what happens in your book in no more than 350 words. If it’s fiction, what are the major plot points and characters? If it’s non-fiction, what are the major concepts and issues explored? Did you know a synopsis is different from a blurb? Tell us how it ends!

What you need from us.

Do you need the whole package? Do you need just cover design, or just typesetting and printing and distribution? See our Services for more details, and tell us what you need to make an Impressum!

Competitor analysis.

What are some other recent books like yours, and how does your book appeal to readers of those books? How is it different?

Book Sample.

Sample chapter and/or chapter outline, or whole manuscript as MS word document or PDF attachment.

Word Count.

Manuscript word count (this can be approximate if the manuscript is not complete)

Impressum does not receive hardcopy submissions. 

Download a copy of our book submission template

Send us your submission today!

We look forward to hearing from you!