Emma After


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The good news: there’s life after death. The bad news: it kinda sucks.

Eighteen-year-old Emma Crothers spent her whole life waiting to escape from her boring small town. Unfortunately, after drowning in a pool, that’s no longer an option.

Emerging as a ghost from her watery grave, Emma finds her hometown anything but dull. In fact, when a horde of soul-swallowing Hollows hunts her through the fog-shrouded streets, she finds it absolutely terrifying.

Fleeing to the Fountaindale Grand Manor, a safe-haven for spirits, Emma meets a colourful community of the deceased, led by the alluring caretaker, Jack. However, just when she starts to adapt to the afterlife, a family of living Breathers invades the Manor, throwing everything into chaos.

Emma must help evict the Breathers in order to save her new family from the ravenous Hollows outside. Which is why it’s less than ideal when she begins to fall for her unreasonably attractive haunting target, Andrew.

Torn between two worlds, Emma never expected being a ghost would be so complicated.

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Anthony O'Connor


978-1-922588-23-4 (paperback), 978-1-922588-24-1 (ebook)