Parenting Homo sapiens


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Parenting Homo Sapiens is a must-read parenting book that cuts away the complexities to get to the heart of what really matters in child-rearing. Dr Karishma Stretton pairs her background in Medical Science, Medicine and Law with her experience as a mother, to explore the art of conscious parenting. Dr Stretton uses a strong scientific scaffold, combined with spiritual wisdom, to reveal the “7 Eternal Truths” of parenting that have guided our species for thousands of years. In adopting these truths it is possible to have a fulfilling and rewarding parenting experience, confidence in your approach, and happy, contented children.

This clear, concise and well-written guidebook takes a unique approach to parenting, considering the whole development of the child as a continuum from conception through to childhood. The key to effective child-raising exists, and the elegance of this is that it has been tried and tested since the beginning of humankind. Parenting Homo Sapiens explores these concepts to inspire, empower and guide parents through today’s rapidly changing society, resulting in happy children and parents. It is highly recommended for readers of Dr Gabor Maté or Dr Shefali Tsabary.

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