Use custom books to promote your business

So you’re considering publishing a custom book for your business but you’re unsure if it’s a good idea or even how to do it. Rest assured, unlike Kim Kardashian’s book Selfish, custom books are not usually an exercise in vanity – they are one of the best marketing and educational tools for your business you can use! Publishing a custom book, whether it’s a hardcover custom book or paperback, whether you’re a small business, educational provider, or a multi-national organisation, will brand your business, build a buzz, and provide a path for regularly published academic articles. 

A custom book is a custom business card

Perhaps you’re presenting at a conference, or have a stall at an industry fair, or you’re simply a religious attender of networking events. Selling or giving away your book not only provides a promising path of growing your network, it also boosts your brand and makes you more memorable. Your book will do a great job at selling you, because a book gives more opportunity than a business card for you to pitch what you are selling. Using your custom book this way is a strategic and often successful marketing strategy for any small business owner or even sole traders on the speaking or networking circuit. 

Custom books make the perfect anniversary celebration

Is your business or institution coming up to a special anniversary? Perhaps it’s 10 years old? Or 50? Or even 100 or more? Creating a custom book celebrating the history and prestige of your business is a great way to celebrate the occasion. Perhaps the book will be an in-depth history at the founding of the business, or perhaps it’s simply a beautifully produced hardcover custom book that contains illustrations and photos. The choice will be yours and let’s be real, a book will last a lot longer than a birthday cake, and inspire others more than a boozy party ever could!

A custom book is a custom gift for stakeholders 

Perhaps you have a group of important donors or stakeholders you wish to thank for a special contribution, or you’d like to show them your appreciation for continued years of engagement. A book showcasing where their contributions go is a great way to acknowledge your stakeholders, donors, or staff. You could include future projects, key leadership initiatives, and how you are achieving the mission and values of your business. 

Custom books provide direct sales to consumers

With your custom book there’s no fuss with distribution or getting a small percentage of royalties – you get to keep all the proceeds from the sales of your book. You also get to place the book directly in the hands of the people who want it most, so it’s a chance to build and grow your relationship with your clients. How empowering is that?

A custom book is the perfect marketing tool

When it’s part of a wider marketing strategy, a custom book can give your business the push it needs to grow and show off your brand. It says who you are and what you’re about, and promotes you and your business in a beautifully packaged way. Better still, it gives your clients another way to interact with your business. They can read it, review it, discuss it, give it to their friends and family, and post about it on social media. You could very well become the next Scott Pape (who published a little book called The Barefoot Investor, perhaps you’ve heard of it?).

Custom publish a regular publication with ease

Perhaps you’re part of a college or university with a regular publication such as an academic journal, with a variety of authors needing their pieces published. 

Establishing a partnership with a publisher like Impressum means that you don’t have to worry about making the book, only the content. You have control of the cover and internal design, and we’ll make sure it’s edited, proofed, designed, printed and distributed. Not only will your academics be published and available for peer review and engagement from others in their field, you will also have a high-quality custom book to hand out at events, to students, and at industry conferences. 


If you have an idea for a custom book for your business or college, Impressum would love to help you publish it! We will take care of the production, so you can focus on the content. Contact us today to get started on your very own custom book.