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After having spent her whole life in the dusty, dull town of Cattles Creek, Cherry Daily is ready to pack her bags and head to Sydney to partake in the prestigious pageant, Miss Chevrolet Pin-Up.

Together with her childhood best friend, Andy, she travels through unknown territory, blind and unaware of the dangers of trusting those who promise it all within the showbiz industry.

Shortly after being accepted into the pageant, Cherry gets on the wrong side of Gina and her wolf pack – an accomplished gang of rival models with multiple titles between them. On top of this, Cherry finds herself falling for her dancing teacher, Johnny.

With a troubled home life, a sister behind bars, and her parents’ failing marriage, Cherry’s got more than enough on her plate without romantic drama thrown into the mix.

Can the underdog triumph against all odds and take the crown? Is Cherry truly ready to show the world what she has to offer, and can her and Johnny’s taboo romance beat the pressures of a secret relationship in a world full of backstabbing, sabotage and gossip?

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Paperback, E-book


Stephanie May


9780648707493 (paperback), 9781922588005 (eBook)