Spiritual Menopause and the Latter-Day Bride


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With time running out, God makes an eleventh-hour plea via an ‘over-the-hill’ country hairdresser to His bride, the Church. Through a vision, Sharon was assigned the task of writing her story. At its heart is the Christian idea of spiritual marriage, Jesus being the Bridegroom, and His followers, His bride.
Sharon highlights her mental and spiritual growth as she searched for a deeper understanding of her relationship with God. Her story begins with snippets of her younger years through marriage and the adoption of two children from overseas. She invites readers into her private life as she battles with bouts of depression and financial strain. Over time she begins to recognise God’s voice, introducing her to spiritual gifts such as prophecy, tongues and healing. Through various dreams, visions and impressions, God revealed to Sharon His menu of metaphorical food to help combat her symptoms of spiritual menopause. Sharon allegorises the symptoms of menopause such as hot flushes, insomnia, depression etc., to help readers understand some of the obstacles that occur as a Christian and how to overcome them.
Sharon’s story presents a challenge to herself and the universal Church, asking the question, “Is the bride ready to meet her Heavenly Husband Jesus as His imminent return draws closer?”

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Sharon Longworth


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